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Seniorcorp has provided award-winning in-home care and assisted living at home for seniors in Virginia since 2004. We are also one of the area’s largest and most respected employers. We carefully select, screen, train, and certify caregivers both online and at our location. Seniorcorp’s training programs have proven so effective that we prefer to employ our graduates in order to ensure the depth and quality of elder care we are known for.

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Home Care Services

If you find that your once-independent parent or grandparent needs help with basic chores, from housekeeping to caring for pets or, your senior loved one is lonely and needs simple companionship, Seniorcorp can help with a wide range and level of care. We provide highly customized in home care in Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding areas that improves quality of life for seniors.

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Care Plan

At Seniorcorp, a Certified Senior Advisor and a licensed RN work to develop a personalized care plan to meet the daily needs of your loved ones. Our dedicated caregivers strive to promote independence while we provide the elder care assistance needed to remain at home.

Founder and CEO, Tom Knox, Tells His Story

From the experience of watching his beloved grandparents suffer needlessly in their senior years, Tom vowed to “change the way America ages,” and helping seniors became his life mission.

The owner of two successful healthcare service providers, Tom and his organizations have helped thousands of families. His extensive experience, both as a business leader and political activist, includes testimony before the Government Reform Committee of the U.S. Congress. He was also appointed by the Virginia Governor to serve on the Commonwealth of Virginia Council on Human Rights, which protects citizens against age and race based discrimination, and has served as a board member for two prominent senior advocacy groups – the Alzheimer’s Association and Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia. In 2002, Tom was named Chairman of We Care America, a Washington D.C.-based non-profit organization providing funding and resources to faith based organizations helping families and seniors nationwide.

Don’t take our word for it . . .Here’s what our clients and caregivers have to say:

The caregiver was very constant, dependable, and supportive of the family, my mother, and her inability to perform various tasks. They were paying great attention to detail. The provider was very understanding and knowledgeable. They gave me the confidence that I selected the right people to take care of my mother I like that they are very dependable. They are clean and knowledgeable. I thought they were excellent.

Jane Wolcott | October 01, 2019

They would just go out of their way to help me. My wife was in a hospital for most of the time, and they were willing to take me out there to see her. My wife and I were both banged up. We hadn’t had pancakes in a very long time, and I asked Evelyn if she would make us some pancakes. She whipped some good pancakes right up for us. I appreciate that as much as anything. They were just good people. It was very easy to reach people in the office. I always got an answer to my question. I appreciated that.

Jerry Alley | October 01, 2019

I would recommended anyone with Alzheimer’s to them. I like their attitude and the girls’ attitudes. I like the people that run it.

Joan Dodd | October 01, 2019

They ask me what I need help with, and they do whatever I need. Whenever I need them, they are available. They help with all of my needs, and I am so glad that I have them. I like that they do the laundry for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Barbara Venzke | October 03, 2019

My mom has around the clock care, and if it was not for the care, she would have to be in a nursing home.

Stacie Kravchak | October 07, 2019

They were dependable. I will be calling them again; you can count on that.

George Shallenberger | October 09, 2019

”Seniorcorp caregivers in the home with my loved one
allowed me to go to work. My mother really liked the caregivers. They were helpful, attentive and willing to do extra for my mother.”

Janice Moskel | October 09, 2019